11.10.2015 / 17.01.2016

Hans Christiansen - The Retrospective

Museumsberg Flensburg

18.06.2015 / 20.09.2015

Hans Christiansen - The Retrospective

Villa Stuk Museum, Munich

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Fountain in limestone and bronze in a courtyard by Heinrich Jobst and Julius Scharvogel, 1910. Bad Nauheim

© H.A.M. Hölzinger and Christina Uslular-Thiele

Author unknown. Buildings built between 1902 and 1908 at Closstrasse and Heynestrasse. Greiz

© Hubertus Blase, Greiz

Ernesto Basile, 1916. Chiosco Ribaudo at Castelnuovo square

© Raffaella Giamportone

Author unknown, 1906. House at Plaça Sant Vicenç 3 Detail of staircase wall. Novelda

© Carmen Payà

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